Our board certified Infectious Disease specialists are on staff to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your itinerary and prepare you with the advice, vaccines and/or medications necessary to minimize travel related conditions as much as possible. This overview should ideally be performed about 4 weeks prior to travel but we are happy to accommodate later dates. Ideally, vaccinations should be given 10-14 days prior to travel to ensure immunity.

Each physician overview includes:

  1. A comprehensive overview of your itinerary, date of departure, length of stay, prior travel related illnesses, medications, allergies, immunosuppressing conditions, pregnancy, etc
  2. A vaccination review. This will be prioritized by vaccines required by all travelers, recommended by all travelers and routine immunizations you should be up to date on prior to travel. Recommendations will be customized based on your prior vaccination history and health history. Our physicians or medical assistants will administer the vaccines .
  3. Recommendations for or against malaria prophylaxis and medication prescriptions will be given according to your itinerary and resistance profiles for that area, along with a review of current medications and allergies to ensure no drug interactions
  4. Overview of travelers diarrhea risks and food and water precautions specific to your area. Prescriptions will be given as needed.
  5. Current travel bulletins and advisories specific to your itinerary.
  6. Overview of specific risks, such as altitude or motion sickness, with prescriptions given as needed
  7. Overview of known security threats in the area
  8. Locations of medical facilities in the area with contact information in the event of emergency and information about adequacy of healthcare services

NOTE: - The physician overview does not include the cost of vaccines or prescriptions.

For the most up-to-date information, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Vaccines Available At Our Facility*

*Please call ahead to ensure availability as some vaccines require a pre-order prior to your visit

You will receive a reminder card from Center for Travel Medicine for any booster doses required

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